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Academic Excellence

In addition to our everyday celebrations of academic success, each year we celebrate academic excellence as we mark the achievements of our students in their GCSEs and A-Levels.

Here are just some of the highlights from the last academic year. 

GCSE results highlights for 2017 

Peter Bohus, whose results included a new Grade 8 in both English Literature and Maths along with five A grades, joined Lodge Park Academy’s Sixth Form to study Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics.


Bence Balogh (pictured) was also celebrating after receiving his results. Bence’s results included a Grade 8 in Maths, a Grade 6 in English Literature, alongside five As and one B, will also join the academy’s Sixth Form to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths. He commented: “I was overwhelmed when opening my results. I am amazed and relieved that all of the hard work has paid off.”


Another happy student was Niamh Logue. Niamh’s results included a Grade 8 in English Language and a Grade 7 in both English Literature and Maths, along with four As and two Bs. Niamh, who will join Lodge Park Academy’s Sixth Form to study Film, Biology and Maths, said: “I am delighted with my results and feel completely overwhelmed. I am so proud of my efforts and looking forward to continuing my studies at Lodge Park Academy.”


Other top performers included Kurt Ilko and Nicole Nenadovich, who both achieved a set of impressive GCSE grades.


Kurt, who achieved an A*, four As and two Bs as well as a Grade 6 in both English Language and Maths, will join the academy’s Sixth Form to study Biology, English Language and Religious Studies. He commented: “I am relieved that the wait is finally over. I have worked really hard for these results and I am so pleased with the outcome.”


Nicole, who achieved a Grade 8 in English Literature and a Grade 7 in English Language, along with two As and four Bs, will also join the academy’s Sixth Form to study Biology, English Language and IT.


A-Level results highlights for 2017


Lodge Park Academy saw some impressive grades, particularly in Maths and French with 100% of students achieving an A*-C.


In addition, almost two-thirds of students achieved an A*-B in Sociology, whilst almost half of students secured an A*-B in Biology.


Among the successful students celebrating was Chelsea Walsh, who secured her place at the University of Glasgow to study Maths. Chelsea, who swept the board with an A* in Maths, an A in Chemistry and a B in IT, said: “I am really happy with my results and am excited for the big move to Glasgow.”


Arm Stewart, who secured a Distinction * in Performing Arts, an A in Photography and a B in Art, will now join the University of Northampton to study Photography. He said: “I am thrilled with my results. My passion has kept me motivated throughout my studies and I could not have achieved this result without the incredible help that I received from everyone at the academy.”


Other top performers were Kelsey Healy and Kaitlyn Johnson, who will both go onto their chosen universities.


Kelsey, who achieved an A in History, an A in Sociology and a B in English Language, will now study English at Loughborough University. She said: “I cannot wait to start my new chapter at Loughborough University. Thank you to all of the amazing teachers at Lodge Park Academy for their incredible support during my time in Sixth Form.”


Kaitlyn, who achieved three Bs in Maths, Religious Studies and Biology, will now study Paediatrics at De Montfort University. She commented: “I am really pleased than my results. I have worked so hard during my A levels and it’s so rewarding to see that it has all paid off.”


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