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Our Combined Cadet Force

Lodge Park Academy is proud to have its very own Combined Cadet Force based at the school.

Meeting regularly, students have the unique opportunity to develop their skills for the future, with the support of dedicated officers in charge. 

Lodge Park Academy Combined Cadet Force (CCF) held a recruitment event on Wednesday 6th June 2018, inviting students from across the school to take part. With over 30 students finding out more about CCF, the next cohort will shortly be confirmed for September 2018. 


The Lodge Park Academy CCF was lucky to receive external support from 3 Royal Anglian the local reserve Unit, who provided two excellent equipment stands, and also tested the students' problem solving skills with some command tasks. Current academy cadets also took the chance to show the students the equipments they use for training as well as cooking some military rations so the students could sample them. For many students it was their first time trying rations, hopefully it didn’t put any of them off joining us!


The students that visited also tried applying camouflage paint for the first time, as you can see from the pictures, with a varying degree of success!


The CCF is currently recruiting for the new training year, so if any students are interested in joining us for some exciting and sometimes challenging training, please speak to any of the current bunch of Cadets, or to the SSI, Captain Michelle Lee, 2Lt Pete Rushton, or Duncan McKim, who will be happy to give you the advice you need.



About the Combined Cadet Force

The tradition of cadet forces in schools goes back over 150 years. In 1948 the Combined Cadet Force was formed, covering cadets from all three Services. 


The Combined Cadet Force offers an exceptional range of exciting activities for cadets to enjoy. Each of the Services has it's own specific activities, which will be an important focus - but there are also some aspects which are common across all of the Services.


As well as exciting and adventurous pursuits, many of the activities you take part in with the CCF are focused on helping you gain new skills, improve your teamwork, confidence and leadership.


CCF Fieldcraft Training Weekend  

Lodge Park Academy's CCF unit recently took part in a fieldcraft training weekend on the Nevilholt estate. The Lodge Park Academy Cadets were able to make the most of a fantastic training location overlooking the beautiful Eye brook reservoir, on what was a baking hot weekend. Many of the cadets were pushed to their limits, but showed resilience, and determination to keep going throughout the whole weekend.


The students took part in basic navigation, cooking in the field, administration in a harbour location, section level training drills, a tactical sniper stalk, and fire team fire and manoeuvre, during which they fired blank rounds with the British Army SA80 rifle.