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School houses

At the heart of our school's pastoral care is our houses, bringing together students from across different year group as one community. 

We currently have six school houses:


Ashworth House


House Motto: 'For Us and For Others' 


The Ashworth House is named after a former student who attended Lodge Park between 2000-2005.

James left school and joined the army and served in Afghanistan. Unfortunately in an act of extreme bravery he lost his life. For his actions he was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest military honour.

He is an inspiration to all students in the House, Academy, and Corby.

The House was officially opened on 13th November 2013 and we were pleased that his mother was able to attend along with Rt Hon Nicholas Soames who is the grandson of Sir Winston Churchill.


Brady House


House Motto: 'Be who you want to be'

 “The tools are here. The time is now. The script is yours to write–or dance, or sing, or play, or act, or draw, or orchestrate. Welcome to tomorrow”.


In Brady House we aim to support our student’s dreams and aspirations. We believe that you can be anyone you want to be by working hard and achieving your full potential. We understand that to do this we must work hard. Brady staff and students work together as a team to offer support and guidance. Brady are a dedicated team of staff who have the best interests of our students at heart, we aim to achieve the best we can in everything we do. Brady has a history of winning Academy sports days by great participation in all events, and by students determined to do their best for the House.


Dickson House


House Motto: 'If you think you can, you can'


Hamilton House


House Motto: 'Dream, Strive, Succeed.'


Hamilton House is a very competitive house. We believe in supporting and helping each other to develop our own skills and talents, so we may all succeed in achieving our future dreams.


Parker House


House Motto: 'Dream, Believe, Achieve.'


Our aim in Parker House is to support our pupils with their personal ambitions and for us to make them understand that it takes hard work and dedication to achieve them. It is not always easy to achieve ambitions and dreams but Parker House pupils accept their challenge and are determined in this. As a house we support the pupils in their times of need and celebrate their achievements whether this is in academic or sporting success.

Within Parker House we have a team of highly experienced and dedicated staff. We not only support our pupils in a pastoral way but we monitor our pupils’ progress working alongside them in mentoring to achieve their academic success. 


Rumbelow House


House Motto: 'Together we are stronger.'


We are a house that believes that strength comes from working as a team.