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Student of the Week

We are proud to celebrate the everyday achievements of our students through our 'Student of the Week' assemblies. 

Sometimes our students may have achieved something exceptional, shown an act of kindness, or really made an incredible effort in a particular subject. We celebrate everything about academy life through this initiative.  

Students of the Week January 2018:  

  • Jen, Year 7, for her fantastic work and giving her all in every lesson. 
  • Sam, Year 7, for being polite, courteous and helpful in the classroom and around the school. 
  • Sam, Year 8, for his positive attitude and behavious in science lessons. 
  • Rachael, Year 8, for her fabulous attitude and her fantastic victory in the Year 8 girls cross country.
  • Jacob, Year 8, for a really positive attitude in philosophy and ethocs and immaculate behaviour. 
  • Norbert, Year 9, for always being polite and well behaved in lessons. 
  • Jakub, Year 9, for always working hard and being polite. 
  • Jemma and Sinead, Year 9, for being scouted for the county netball programme, and their great attitude and commitment to the game.
  • Luke, Year 10, for focussing on his learning and being ambitious for his future. 
  • Jay, Year 10, for an outstanding effort in his English assessment. 
  • Bianca, Year 12, for her consistent helpfulness towards staff, students and parents.

Students of the Week February 2018: 

  • Jamie, Year 7, for becoming County Rowing Champion.
  • Tempest, Year 7, for winning bronze at the County Boccia Championships despite being the youngest member of the team.
  • Drew, Year 7, for always being enthusiastic and giving his best in lessons, going above and beyond expectation, with extra work at home. 
  • Missy, Year 8, for showing natural leadership skills during a project trip to Franklin Gardens. 
  • Miriam, Year 8, for consistently working hard and endeavouring to improve her work. 
  • Lloyd, Year 8, for always being enthusiastic and giving articulate answers during discussions. 
  • Drew, Year 8, for being enthusiastic in his French lessons and really trying his best. 
  • Josiah, Year 9, a new student who has settled in really well and produced some excellent work. 
  • Lauren, Year 9, for her fantastic performance and incredible effort during CCF training.  
  • Jasmine, Year 10, for excellent ATL and effort this term and producing a fabulous introduction when letter writing. 
  • Tia, Year 11, for working tremendously hard to organise events to raise money for the school prom. 
  • Sarah, Year 11, for her supportive attitude to her studies and the way in which she conducts herself at all times. 
  • Alex and Libby, Year 11, for working really hard on their speaking and listening presentations.
  • Nadin, Year 11, for a delivering a wonderful speech during her speaking and listening exam, and for working so hard to achieve her best. 
  • Bianca, Year 12, for always making time to help others and being a wonderful representative for Lodge Park Academy. 

Students of the Week March 2018: 

  • Kathleen, Year 7, for being so keen and eager to always complete homeowrk to the best of her ability and asking for more in order to further her knowledge. 
  • Libby, Charlotte and Aimee, Year 8, for being wonderful students, who listen to every word and make teaching such a pleasure.
  • Olivia, Year 9, for her consistently excellent effort in Media. 
  • Rory, Year 9, for his outstanding work and behaviour in lessons and showing great resilience throughout.
  • Teagan, Year 9, for being so helpful during lunchtime. 
  • Maisie, Year 10, for really sprinting ahead with her work on radioactivity and being so well prepared for her end of unit test. 
  • Amy, Year 11, for giving up her seat on the bust to an elderly person on the way to school, for being so thoughtful and a credit to the school.
  • Sharon, Year 11, for preparing well for the PPEs. 
  • Wiktoria and Ellie, Year 13, for achieving a Distinction in Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology exam in Level 3 BTEC Sport.

Students of the Week April 2018: 

  • Robert, Year 7, for working extremely hard in lessons and producing lovely work for displays.  
  • Michal, Year 9, for improving in reading. 
  • Aaliyah, Year 9, for always going above and beyond in lessons to help out and for her fantastic class work. 
  • Ana, Year 10, for offering to help tidy books away and always going above and beyond in her role as library helper. Also, to celebrate having her written work published on the Burnet News Club website - an incredible achievement. 
  • Natasha, Year 11, for always being so motivated, polite and enthusiastic in PE and for being a pleasure to teach. 

Students of the Week May 2018: 

  • The Year 7 Netball Team, for being undefeated all season and winning the Kettering and Corby District Tournament this term. 
  • Tempest, Year 7, for his enthusiastic attitude towards Maths. 
  • Reann, Year 9, for a fantastic report and for being very sensible and a huge help to staff.
  • Kelsie, Oliwia and Olivia, Year 9, for having a great attitude to English lessons and for going above and beyond with a homework project. 
  • Giulia, Year 10, for always having a positive attitude to every challenge set and for the hard work she is putting in, going above and beyond what is required in every lesson. 
  • Sharon, Year 11, for the professionalism demonstrated throughout the planning stage of the group's business enterprise day and for his leadershop qualities and skills shown throughout. For also making the decision to donate 100% of the group's profits to a mental health charity in Kettering.