Lodge Park Celebration Evening

Lodge Park Academy recognized the outstanding achievements of its students at a Celebration Evening held at The Cube in Corby on November 11th.

Special guests for the evening included Matthew Rumbelow, son of Neville Rumbelow who was Principal at Lodge Park for 25 years and John Wiseman, former governor of Lodge Park. The guest speaker for the evening was Goldie Sayers, the British Record holder and three time Olympian Javelin thrower.

Awards were presented to students for a wide variety of talents and achievements including subject prizes, GCSE Certificates and seven special awards (see full list below). Entertainment from the students included a performance of a scene from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, a fashion show where students modeled their own creations and a saxophone solo from Rebecca Bell.

Goldie Sayers gave an inspirational talk about how important it is to grasp opportunities and have a positive attitude in everything you do. She said: “The key to success is the right attitude. Dare to dream, work hard and you can achieve amazing things.”

Alison Hayes, Principal at Lodge Park Academy, agreed and said; “This is an inspiring occasion that celebrates the incredible talents of our students and I am very proud of everything they have achieved.”


Special Awards


Rose Cox Award

Neville Rumbelow Award



Lydia Rutherford

Rachael Pengelly



Sandra Dickson Award

Uppingham Award

Excellent behaviour and community involvement

Outstanding academic achievement

Ben McLean

Lydia Rutherford and Nathan Clark



John Wiseman Award

James Ashworth Award

The Arts

Leadership in the cadets

Beatriz Ribeiro

Tegan McIsaac



Stan Delbridge Award


Outstanding Contribution to Academy life


George McKillop



Subject Prizewinners



Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11


Eve Butlin

Emily Ilko

Keris McAlpine

Peter Stephenson-Howe


Graham Long

Lucie Hackett

Andrei Kuzin

Joshua Brown


Bethany Baalham

Chad Young

Andrei Kuzin

Wesley Vallance


Sarah Gunenc

Bianca Petre

Bradley Jones

Kaila Nesukaityte





Nikita Adjetey

Chloe Aldridge


Nadin Goubrial

Kieran Hodgkins

Sadie Carder

Chloe Aldridge

Design Technology

Joshua Iwanoff

Bethany Wilson

Danielle Leneghan

Suhaylah Moosafur


Sarah Gunenc

Selina Scott

Shannon Polley

Chelsea Walsh


Paige Jones

Niall Kenny

Diana Parv

Danni Carlton


Sarah Gunnenc

Lucie Hackett

Jessica Hudgill

Chelsea Walsh


Bethany Baalham

Lucie Hackett

William Mitchell

Beatriz Ribeiro


Harry Gracey

Niamh Logue

Joe Seekaew

Chloe Aldridge


Sarah Gunenc

Selina Scott

Drew Thoirs

Kaitlyn Johnson

Modern Foreign Languages

Sarah Gunenc

Kurt Ilko

Rebecca Bell

Emily Harwood





Eve Robertson





Chloe Wooton


GCSE Certificates


Ellie Barham

Dean Meegan

Sinead Butler

Kirsty Mitchell

Nathan Clark

Chanelle Nathwani

Josh Duncan

Wiktoria Penar

Anna Gajos

Rachael Pengelly

Lucy Goodsir

Annie Read

Sophie Goodwin

Caitlyne Robertson

Jake Hampson

Lydia Rutherford

Daniel Hudgill

Sophie Savage

Emma Johnson

Lauren Sharkey

Sarah Maciuk

Dani Simpson

Cerys MacWhinnie

Olivia Stark

Rylee Magee

Alana Ure

David Mallender

Evan Williams

Cory McDade