Olympic star inspires Lodge Park students to ‘Be the Best You Can Be’

Year 7 students from Lodge Park had the chance to meet Olympic Badminton Player, Gail Emms as part of the launch of 'Be the Best You Can Be' at the academy. 


Students heard about Gail's life as an elite athlete and the importance of being the best you can be and never giving up on your dreams.


She said: “When I first started playing badminton it wasn’t easy, but if you keep trying, practice and have a role model that you can aspire to, you can achieve anything.


“You just need someone to say, have another go, keep trying and you’ll get there. Whatever you decide to do, if you can look back and say you’re proud of what you achieved then that really is an incredible feeling.”


The Year 7 students will now take part in a year-long programme of activities to boost confidence and unlock potential, encouraging them to give their all and believe in themselves wherever their talents lie. 


Anne Franklin, Assistant Principal, said: "The students were so inspired by what they heard and I look forward to seeing them grow in confidence throughout the programme."