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Our Student Council

Aims and Ethos

Recently formed, the student council has fast become a crucial part of the academy’s structure, promoting the academy’s three core values- respect, tolerance and resilience.


The student council ensures that all students within Lodge Park Academy have a voice that is listened to, encouraging all students to voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions which impact upon them. Put simply, the student council is a force for improving Lodge Park Academy. 


Having a student council helps to improve aspects of the school community by exercising students’ rights and allowing them to take responsibility for decisions made. The discussions and decisions will help to implement improvements to the school environment for learning and enjoyment.


What our students say: 


"I love being part of the student council because I’m helping people voice their opinions and suggestions to make the school a better place. We have lots of opportunities to discuss the changes being made and I love having that responsibility." - Honey


"I really enjoy going to the meetings, representing my form and feeding back to them what we discussed. Recently we have been discussing possible rewards and sanctions to use within the academy and I like sharing ideas and hearing different opinions and what may/ may not have worked in the past and then having the opportunity to make changes for the better." - Cerys


"I think the student council is essential in making the school a better place for everyone. In my opinion it is important that the students get a say in how their school is run- after all we are the ones that will potentially benefit from the changes." - Katie

"Miss Morgan has been sharing our thoughts with Mrs Wood and we are excited to know that future changes to the academy our mainly down to our influence." - Student comment


Our Latest Priorities


World Environmental Day

In order to celebrate World Environmental Day the student council have been working with Miss Morgan to promote the idea of an eco-friendly academy and raise awareness of how collectively, simple changes can make such a huge difference to this pressing issue. 


The first idea that the student council came up with was to run a poster competition for all years to highlight the implications of our behaviours on our planet (winners to be announces on Friday 15thJune). A second idea that the student council decided on in order to help influence behaviour change, was to encourage teachers to nominate students each day that make a conscious effort to keep our school environment clean and litter free.


Understanding the power of social media and wanting to join the global game of ‘beating plastic pollution’, the student council quickly decided that the academy twitter and Instagram would provide us with an opportunity to promote our message of an eco-friendly LPA. If a student tweets or puts a picture on Instagram of them ditching the plastic water bottle for a re-useable bottle or using a lunch box instead of a plastic bag etc. and uses the hashtag #LPABeatsPlasticPollution then they will be retweeted/reposted and awarded 10 credits. Have you joined the trend yet? Get tweeting! 


Student Suggestion Box 


One of the most recent things the student council have done to help us with the decision making and ensure that all students outside the student council are able to get their opinions across is create student suggestion boxes. You can find these dotted round the school and we talk though these during our meetings.


Rewards and Sanctions


Another main priority has been trying to collectively decide on appropriate sanctions and rewards to reinforce positive behaviour. It has been really interesting to be able to share ideas and feedback suggestions that we have heard work well in other schools. Miss Morgan has been sharing the student councils' thoughts with Mrs Wood and we are excited to know that future changes to the academy our mainly down to our influence.