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Sixth Form Support and Guidance

Pastoral Support

Strong pastoral support is at the heart of our Sixth Form community. Tutors act as the first point of contact regarding personal or academic issues. A bespoke programme of personal, social and economic education is delivered to help students with the development of essential life skills. All students also receive comprehensive support in the UCAS process as well as receiving guidance from independent experts to help them make informed decisions about apprenticeships and other opportunities available to them at the end of Sixth Form. The Head of Sixth Form is available for students to discuss any social or emotional issues which may affect their personal wellbeing as part of the Academy’s safeguarding procedures.


Odey Scholarships

Students at all DRET academies have the unique opportunity to access an Odey Scholarship in order to help them further their talents in the areas of sport, music and the arts. The fund is intended to be for those who display considerable talent within their field and who have a justifiable need for financial help towards developing this talent.