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Lodge Park Academy

Lodge Park Academy understands the importance of a strong academic foundation. Our academy offers a diverse curriculum and enrichment offering to create well-rounded and confident students.


Homework at Lodge Park Academy is based on knowledge retrieval and consolidation. 

Students will be given core information that relates to their in class learning and they will be asked to revise this knowledge, before covering this information and then recall what they have revised.  

By doing this, we are training the brain to remember the core knowledge – it is the forgetting and remembering of knowledge through recall that strengthens the knowledge – embedding it into our memory for us to use as building blocks of learning for application.  

We ask our students to use the core knowledge that our teachers identify as essential on knowledge organisers to allow them to support their in class learning through developing their understanding of key concepts and terminology.  

This will allow students to consolidate and strengthen their understanding of core knowledge and improve application of this knowledge in lessons.  




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Students will undertake three KPI assessments throughout the academic year. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. These KPIs will happen during an identified assessment period, for the most part in lesson slots. Year 10 and 11 mocks will happen in the school hall or the Sports Centre.   

The results of these assessments will be communicated home. This will help you identify how your child is performing academically.  

These assessments will also enable teachers to identify where they need to reteach or revisit an area or topic with one or more students. 

The revision guides below are provided to support students in their revision. They give guidance on key topics to revise as well as information on how to revise.