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Lodge Park Academy

Lodge Park Academy understands the importance of a strong academic foundation. Our academy offers a diverse curriculum and enrichment offering to create well-rounded and confident students.


Working  at Lodge Park Academy

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We are ambitious for every child, no matter what their background, prior attainment or needs. We believe we offer something exciting for those who join us. We have the privilege of working in a stimulating and dynamic school that, combined with our co-educational ethos engenders a culture that genuinely cherishes individuality, aims to instil creativity and independence. Underpinned by our values, we are student focused and we believe that there are no limits for outstanding learning and outstanding achievement.  We have high expectations of our students and staff, high aspirations for them and demonstrate complete belief in them all. Low level disruption is rare at LPA and students are polite and respectful.

Our cohort includes 28.7% FSM, (NA is 20.9%), 1% of students with an EHCP, (2.2%), 14.4% of students are identified as SEN K, (11.9%) and our EAL population is 29.4%,(17.5%). 

The schools across our Trust work as a team and achieve great things through these partnerships. Our subject specialists, our trust-wide intranet, a common curriculum and our online learning resources all help us share knowledge and expertise simplifying work processes allowing staff to focus on high quality teaching.

Lodge Park Academy is a lovely place to work and we’re very proud of our community.

We value our staff highly, and take work/life balance seriously; we realise a happy staff is an effective staff. The leadership of the Academy is determined to create an environment where teachers can carry out their core role of delivering excellent lessons.  The academy is calm and orderly and we have a simple behaviour policy that is easy to administer. We have established rules and routines and we centralise all detentions.  If action is needed beyond the basic classroom routines the pastoral and senior teams take the burden away from the teachers, conducting detentions, following up and dealing with parents on your behalf. 

In addition to this, teachers are trusted to be professionals and as such we have

  • No high stakes one-off lesson observations. 
  • No unannounced lesson observations
  • No lesson grading
  • Meeting and INSET day time for joint team planning

Continuing Professional Development and Support

We aim to bring out the best in you as well as in our students and we understand the importance of quality CPD. LPA offers a range of development opportunities, with both internal and external providers for staff at different stages in their career.  We are responsive to staff needs supporting them with training and development so that they can deliver excellent teaching.

Being part of the David Ross Education Trust enables us to collaborate with a range of staff from across the trust both Primary and Secondary as well as accessing CPD from HMIs and Ofsted trained staff.  We are always keen in developing all our staff in which ever career direction they wish to go.

We respect teacher expertise and want our teachers to lead classes unashamedly from the front when it’s appropriate to do so. We want them to instruct, explain and model, check for understanding, respond when they need to and supervise lots of student practise. Our staff are gold dust.

We all know we can continue to grow and improve; we love that teaching is something we get better and better at each year. Isn’t it wonderful to think if we keep working at it then our last day in a classroom might be our best ever teaching day?

All of us – from our trainees stepping into our classrooms for the first time to our twenty-year veterans – has something they’re working on. For those with the least experience this is an action step set by an experienced mentor while those of us who’ve been doing this for decades sometimes set our own steps based on our engagement professional literature and training.

Action steps are part of how we drive improvement - they are the actions that will lead to the most impact on our students. We will support you to set and achieve your action steps, Your line manager will support you and broker any necessary support and guidance from across the trust. 

We know each subject is different and much of our training is organised by the subject networks within the David Ross Education Trust. Here you’ll find some of England’s leading thinkers in education developing curriculum and subject specific pedagogy which is discussed, shared and implemented so our young people get the world class education we believe is their entitlement.

Corby – where we’re based – is a proud, passionate and grounded place with a wonderful community.  You’ll hear strong  Scottish accents,  languages from all over the world and may come across two best friends sitting together at break time sharing stories about their early lives in Romania and Tanzania. 

We talk a lot about the LPA Spirit. 

It’s a great place for children to study and adults to work but don't take our word for it, come and visit. If you’re thinking about making an application to join us or just because you want to have a look at what we offer, please get in touch.

If you are new to the area and do come and visit, try to make some time to investigate the many beautiful villages around us – we’re blessed to be right in the middle of the Northamptonshire countryside where the sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking, and the walking, running and cycling is outstanding. Rutland water – where a prehistoric water dragon was recently discovered – is only twenty minutes away and offers water-sports, world class birdwatching, and old-style proper pubs and cafes with roaring fires in the winter. If bright lights are more your thing then we’re not far from Leicester and just over an hour on the train to London which makes weekends in the Big Smoke very doable.

We think the school alone is worth considering relocation and what’s around us makes this an even more attractive option.

We understand what’s right for one person might not be right for another and if learning more has you feeling we’re not the right place for you then we wish you the best of luck and hope you find your ideal school soon!

Thanks for your interest in Lodge Park Academy – we really, really hope to hear from you soon.

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