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Lodge Park Academy

Lodge Park Academy understands the importance of a strong academic foundation. Our academy offers a diverse curriculum and enrichment offering to create well-rounded and confident students.

Welcome from the Principal

At Lodge Park Academy we believe that young people flourish in an unbeatable learning climate, where lessons are disruption-free and expectations are sky-high. We know that all young people can achieve their potential if they have access to expert teachers, an ambitious knowledge-rich curriculum and excellent pastoral care.

We encourage our young people to be unapologetically ambitious. We teach them how to be respectful and to have impeccable manners. We expect them to represent their families, their school and their town with pride. We also instil in our young people the value of knowledge for its own sake, as well as for what doors it will open in the future.

Lodge Park Academy is undergoing a transformation. The highest standards of behaviour and teaching are ensuring our students are safe, happy and fully engaged in learning. In partnership with parents, the community and local industry, we are carving out an education for Lodge Park students which will secure excellent outcomes for our students.

I am proud to serve my community as the Principal of Lodge Park Academy. Established in 1964, Lodge Park Academy is the oldest school in Corby. My father was among the first cohort of students. Many of the students we serve today are the children and grandchildren of former students. The connection between Lodge Park Academy and the history and growth of Corby sets us apart. We are part of the fabric of Corby life, and we will lead continue to lead the education of the town’s children for many years to come.


Mrs Carly Waterman

Welcome from the Executive Principal

Our academy combines the highest standards of teaching with impressive new facilities.

Lodge Park understands that every student needs a strong academic foundation to achieve the highest standards.  We also understand that this can be supported by a multitude of co-curricular activities.  From sport to music, CCF to technology, there is something for everyone.  Our aim is that students develop new interests and life-long passions while at our academy.

We offer an academic curriculum which is supported by an innovative programme of co-curricular activities that support the development of well-rounded and confident individuals.  We want every student to be the very best they can be, and a credit to themselves and their community.

Since joining the David Ross Education Trust in 2013, our ability to do this has further strengthened.  We are proud that we are able to offer our students unrivalled enrichment and sporting opportunities, building confidence and shaping aspirations in all our young people.

Mr Robert Sloan
Executive Principal