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Lodge Park Academy

Lodge Park Academy understands the importance of a strong academic foundation. Our academy offers a diverse curriculum and enrichment offering to create well-rounded and confident students.

Welcome from the Head of School

We know every child deserves a world class education and at Lodge Park Academy we strive to provide this for every one of our students.

Delivering academic excellence, embracing the value of enrichment and investing in community citizenship are at the heart of who we are and what we do. We refer to this as LPA Spirit, showing the best of who you are and striving to be the best version of you, always.

At Lodge Park you will find corridors buzzing with the sound of subject-expert teachers who love what they teach and give our students a strong and broad curriculum. You will hear  conversation with students and staff acknowledging each other with ‘Welcome’, ‘Good morning’, ‘How are you?’

Our expectations are high, sky high actually; of both our students and ourselves. We believe that clear expectations are important and act to ensure all students know our Lodge Park Way.

We bring a world of possibility to our students through an extensive Music, Sport and Enrichment program that is for every child, to ensure they have the opportunities to shine.

Our students have broad horizons and the happy confidence that comes from a rich, well-rounded education.

Please do get in touch for a chat; we love hearing our parent and community voices.

Mrs Ruth Roberts

Executive Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Lodge Park Academy

At LPA we have a strong sense of purpose and are fervently committed to the achievement of every individual.

We aim to provide a high-quality education for the 11-18 year olds in our local area in a happy, caring and focused environment. We encourage all students to embody our values of ambition and aspiration, resilience and respect, and courage and gratitude.

The vision we are passionately committed to providing is an exciting education where there is a relentless focus on high quality teaching and learning, a commitment to a broad and balanced curriculum and an absolute dedication to providing a wide range of opportunities that allow students to excel at what they are good at and enjoy as well as developing new talents, supported by excellent pastoral care.

Students will gain transferrable life skills and they will know that they can positively shape their lives through choice not chance. As a school community we are energised and motivated by the prospect of changing lives, of raising community-wide aspiration and improving the life chances for all students.

We are student and learning focused. There are no limits to outstanding learning and outstanding achievement. Students staff, governors and parents are totally focused on developing and improving the learning of the students underpinned by positive and respectful relationships. We have high expectations of our students, high aspirations for them and demonstrate complete belief in them.

Building strong partnerships with parents is essential to realising a student’s potential so we hope you will join our Parents Working Party and that we have the opportunity to meet you in the future.


Mrs S Jones